Janam Kundali Horoscope

Janam Kundali / Horoscope Making and Reading Services By Pt. Brijesh Prasad Tiwari, Jeewan Jyotish Kendra, Bhopal

Astrologer Bhopal

Based on your provided birth time/date I prepare chart and planetary positions and provide you complete "Vedic Birth Chart" with the predictions. You can get your Rashi, Nakshatra details along with Lucky points, Lagna, Navamsha and Bhava kundali, Vimshottari dasha/ bhukti details and predictions. General remedial is also included with your detailed birth chart.

Information required to make Janam Kundali / Horoscope

  • • Date of Birth •
  • • Time of Birth •
  • • City of Birth •
  • • State and Country of Birth •
  • • Name and Gender •

Fees for Janam Kundali / Horoscope Services

  • 500 /- Indian Rupees
Astrologer Bhopal